The association

“Father Caffarel’s Friends” Association was created on July 7, 2005 in order to promote the Cause for canonisation of Father Caffarel, opened on April 25, 2006.
It is an international association whose goal is to establish and carry out actions destined to make Father Caffarel known around the world  – his personality, his ideas on marriage and personal prayer, his spirituality –  as well as to support the work done for the cause financially.
It publishes, twice a year, a bulletin “Father Caffarel’s Friends Bulletin”, sent to all members.


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Henri Caffarel, Prophète pour notre temps, Apôtre du mariage et Maître de prière

Les Amis du Père Caffarel ont réalisé une vidéo de présentation du Père Caffarel :

Cliquer sur le lien : Henri Caffarel, Prophète pour notre temps, Apôtre du mariage et Maître de prière

Si vous souhaitez promouvoir l'oeuvre et la pensée du Père Caffarel, vous pouvez demander cette vidéo auprès de l'Association :    


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L’amour conjugal, chemin vers Dieu, selon la pensée du père Henri Caffarel

Les Amis du Père Caffarel publient aux éditions du Cerf "L’amour conjugal, chemin vers Dieu, selon la pensée du Père Henri Caffarel" 

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Slideshow on Father Henri Caffarel

In the context of the International Gathering at Fatima, the Association produced a slideshow presenting the life and work of Father Henri Caffarel

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The morning of Wednesday July 18th, 2018, was dedicated to Father Caffarel at the International Gathering of Teams of Our Lady at Fatima and you can find all the speeches by clicking on this link :

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Cause for canonisation

On April 25, 2006, Paris Arch bishop André VINGT-TROIS received Our Lady Teams’ wish to promote Father Caffarel’s cause for canonisation favourably.

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To see the December 8th & 9th colloquium on Father CAFFAREL 

Father Caffarel

A Prophet for our Times

An Apostle of Marriage and A Master of Prayer

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colloque 2017

Prayer for canonisation

God, our Father,
You planted deep in the heart of your servant, Henri Caffarel,
A fountain of love, which bound him totally to your Son
And inspired him with a wonderful capacity to speak of Him.
A prophet for our time,
He revealed the dignity and beauty of the vocation of every person
In the words Jesus addresses to each of us: “Come follow me.”

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