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We need “Father Caffarel’s Friends” Association to have many members so as to put     forward the importance Father Caffarel has in our lives, and to associate ourselves through prayer to the procedure for his canonisation.

Father Caffarel takes up a large place in our lives, through the teachings he has left us, through the path to prayer on which he has guided us, through the sacrament of marriage that he has helped us to better understand and to live up to.

To achieve the cause for canonisation, it would be appropriate for the Association to have the means to provide for the expenses of the follow up of the file, which is why everyone’s generosity is appealed to. Through your donation, become a member of “Father Caffarel’s Friends” Association.

To join, all you need is to fill in and send us by email or post the following membership form.

Thus we will associate you to our proceedings through the diffusions of information that we regularly realise.

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