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The cause for the beatification of Father Caffarel was open at the end of a procedure introduced by the Arch bishop of Paris, after he was convinced Father Caffarel’s reputation of sanctity was actual, in other words of his influence in peoples’ hearts after his earthly death.
The first act was the constitution of an actor for the cause, the association “Father Caffarel’s Friends”. The actor named a postulator, Father Paul-Dominique Marcovits. The Arch bishop of Paris formed a commission, in charge of leading in his name a diocesan investigation. He appointed Bishop Maurice Fréchard to preside this commission, two theologians to examine the theological and spiritual quality of his writings, and three historians to study in depth the knowledge of Father Caffarel’s biography, personality, spirituality, as well as their impact in a historical context. The cause for canonisation, of which beatification is the first step, was open on April 25, 2006.
Under the authority of the Arch bishop of Paris, the final session of the diocesan investigation took place on October 18, 2014. The file was given over to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome on November 10, 2014, for the Roman phase of the procedure to begin. A Roman postulator, Father Angelo Paleri, was appointed. The Congregation for the Causes of Saints manages the writing of the “Posito super virtutibus”. This work is a summary presenting the life and virtues of the Servant of God, and is intended to be examined by the consultors, then by the Cardinals, members of the Congregation. They in turn will be able to suggest the recognition of the authenticity of the virtues’ heroism by the Pope.                                                                             
Only a person who is “living” for us, someone who lives with us, who pulls us along to God, who urges us to be charitable with others, who is also source of peace for ourselves, can be beatified. Therefore, what is now important for us is to often turn to him and to appeal to him with trust for his help. Here are two directions :
1. Let us appeal to the Lord for blessings through the intercession of Father Henri Caffarel.
- Indeed, many people ask saints to help them in their abundant everyday events. It is often asked of Father Caffarel to intercede to the Lord for couple issues or for reconciliation and so on but for quite a few material or physical or other things as well.
- The fact of asking him to intervene to God shows that Father Caffarel is present in our everyday lives, that we are convinced that his actions, so fecund on Earth, are also – and even more so – fecund now that we believe he is in heaven, in the presence of God.
2. Let us ask the Lord to do a miracle through the intercession of his servant, Father Henri Caffarel.
- A miracle is a physical healing, instantaneous, final. It is a “confirmation of heaven”. It confirms what the Church wishes to proclaim : God’s servant’s sanctification, which can then be received as an example for the faithful.
- If God reacts to Father Caffarel’s prayer by intervening in an extraordinary way in someone’s life, it establishes Father Caffarel’s sanctity.
We would be grateful if you would communicate any blessing you might have received to the roman postulator : they are signs of Père Henri Caffarel’s presence amongst us. It is in the midst of these blessings that miracles will be given by God to his people.