Why ask for the canonisation of Father Caffarel ?

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On April 25, 2006, Paris Arch bishop André VINGT-TROIS received Notre-Dame Teams’ wish to promote Father Caffarel’s cause for canonisation favourably.  
Father Caffarel’s Friends wish this canonisation because :
* His sanctity is that of a “prophet of the 20th century”
* His sanctity appears in his life, which was driven by the Lord
* His sanctity manifests itself in the faithfulness of his love of the Church
Henri Caffarel – A set of Lively Works 
* The Our Lady Teams : created in 1939, they count today 60,000 couples spanning 85 countries
* The Our Lady of the Resurrection Fraternities : created in 1943, groups 300 members
* Hope and Life : spiritual movement for widows
* The Intercessors : who pray, fast and offer their everyday lives
Father Caffarel, with the help of Father Pierre Joly and Father Alphonse d’Heilly, is also at the origin of The Wedding Preparation Centres. 
The House of Prayer of Troussures : this Centre had a great influence on those who wished to learn to pray. This work continues thanks to the propositions made by the Our Lady Teams at the House of Couples, Massabielle (in Saint-Prix, Val d’Oise near Paris) and mostly by the importance given to personal prayer in the Teams and prayer schools.
Please realise how up to date Father Caffarel’s published writings are : in journals such as “Offertory”, “Notebooks on Personal Prayer”… and his many books : Presence to God, At the Crossroads of Love…