Goals and missions

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“Father Caffarel’s Friends” association was created on July 7, 2005 in order to promote the cause for canonisation of Father Caffarel, opened on April 25, 2006. It is an international association whose goal is to establish and carry out actions destined to make Father Caffarel known around the world  – his personality, his ideas on marriage and personal prayer, his spirituality –  as well as to support the work done for the cause financially.It publishes, twice a year, a bulletin “Father Caffarel’s Friends Bulletin”, sent to all members.

The board meets three or four times a year to run practical issues and promote some activity, such as the Symposium organised on December 3 and 4, 2010 or the one planned for December 7 and 8, 2017.

This board is composed of :

A chairman by right, the person in charge of the International supervising team of the Our Lady Teams, Edgardo Bernal Dorneim

A vice-chairman by right, member of the International supervising team of the Our Lady Teams, Maria Calsing

A secretary, François Genillon

A treasurer, Giovanni Cecchini Manara

The other participants in board meetings :

Father Ricardo Londoño Domínguez, spiritual councillor for the International supervising team of the Our Lady Teams

The roman postulator of the Cause, Father Angelo Paleri, o.f.m.conv.

The editor of the positio, Father Paul-Dominique Marcovits, o.p.

Marie-Christine Genillon

The former couple internationally in charge of Our Lady Teams, Marie-Christine and Gérard de Roberty

A couple in charge of communication and editors of the Bulletin “Father Caffarel’s Friends”, Armelle and Loïc Toussaint de Quièvrecourt

Correspondents of the “Friends” can be found in different countries, as local representatives.
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The Articles of Association
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