The Association’s Correspondents’ Report of Activities in Brazil 2022

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Here is a summary of the main activities carried out in the Brazil Super-Region during the year 2022, which aimed to promote and disseminate the Father Henri Caffarel’s thinking and the promotion of his cause of canonisation.
1. National Meeting of New Sector Responsible Couples.
From April 22 to 24, the National Meeting of New Sector Responsible Couples was held. After two years absence due to Covid, this meeting took place again and more than 170 couples attended. A presentation was made about Father Caffarel, emphasising his message, his books and the cause of canonisation.
2. The Monthly Letter.
The Monthly Letter continues to be the ideal medium for disseminating and promoting the ideas of Father Henri Caffarel and the cause of canonization. The themes of this period were:
- CM 544 Reading and Re-reading Father Caffarel 
- CM 546 Henri Caffarel ordained a Priest 
- CM 549 A Brief Bibliography of and on Father Henri Caffarel 
3. A Kit of Books for Seminaries.
With the aim of making Father Henri Caffarel’s life, thinking and works known to future priests in Brazil, an 18-book kit by and about the founder of Teams of Our Lady was sent to 163 seminaries across the country. It was an opportunity to send all the bishops and rectors a letter on the objectives of the Movement, on Father Henri Caffarel and on Teams of Our Lady in Brazil.
4. Other Activities.
Throughout the year, various activities were organised by Team members to celebrate and pray for Father Caffarel.
September 18, as in other years, is the National Day of Prayer for his canonization. Various reflections, prayers and the celebration of masses marked the day.
At another moment, one of the Regions organised an event entitled “Around the table with Father Caffarel,” during which several important events in his life were recalled, such as the first meeting in Paris, and quotes were taken from his message.
For 2023 
From November 10 to 12, 2023, the First National Henri Caffarel Day will take place in Brazil, at the end of a week of studies and reflections which will have presented the founder of the Teams of Our Lady as a man, who experienced an intense relationship with God, who became a man committed to the Church and who left an immeasurable legacy to so many people, starting with couples, his main objective. On this occasion, the three trips that Father Caffarel made to Brazil will be recalled, highlighting his heritage there.
Afra & Hubertus (Beto)
Correspondent Couple for the 
Association of the Friends of Father Caffarel in Brazil