Novena for the 25th anniversary of Father Henri Caffarel's death

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September 18, 2021 will be the 25th anniversary of the death of Father Henri Caffarel. Edgardo and Clarita Bernal, Responsible Couple for the International Leading Team, and members of the International Leading Team asked the Association of the Friends of Father Caffarel to prepare an audio-visual novena of prayer, to celebrate this anniversary and honour the memory of Father Henri Caffarel.


This novena will take place from September 10 to 18, 2021.
What is a novena ? click to read

Each day a video will be published on the ERI website. This daily video will include an audio or video extract of Father Caffarel and a clip, followed by a prayer and a prayer intention. It will conclude with the Magnificat and the Prayer for the canonisation of Father Caffarel.
This novena is an opportunity to pray in communion with one another around the figure of Father Henri Caffarel in an expression of thanksgiving : click to read the teaser

The day before the first day of the novena, September 9, 2021, an opening video will be published on the International Leading Team’s websit : 

Here is the link to participate in the novena :

"For further meditation", every day, a Father Caffarel's text :
Day 1, September 10th"For further meditation"
Day 2, September 11th : "For further meditation"
​Day 3, September 12th : "For further meditation"
Day 4, ​September 13th "For further meditation"
Day 5, September 14th"For further meditation"
​Day 6, September 15th"For further meditation"
​Day 7, September 16th"For further meditation"
​Day 8, September 17th"For further meditation"
​Day 9, September 18th : "For further meditation"