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A Prophet of Marriage
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Marriage, Sacrament of Covenant

“A real Christian couple is a great work of God; the brightness of the sacrament of marriage is the reflection of the immense tenderness that unites Christ to the Church”


Following his involvement with couples, Father Caffarel made a point of reflecting in depth on the mystery of the sacrament of marriage and in contributing his theogical reflection to the Church. His reflection was always based on the Word of God as well as on observing, listening as well as on the participation of couples and the contribution of reputed theologians. Following on a meticulous work of research he elaborated a renewed vision of Christian marriage and of sexuality. He has participated in very specific ways in the renewal of the thinking of the Church on marriage. He took a leading role in the pontifical preparatory commissions for the 2nd Vatican council and by his work of research and information. This is born out by his report on “Christian marriage in the Church of the 60s” and the special issue of the Anneau d’Or on “Marriage and the Council: a renewal of marriage for a renewal of the Church”. The appropriateness of his thinking was later affirmed by John XXIII and then especially by Paul VI at gatherings of Teams in Rome in 1959 and 1970. 


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