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It is terribly important that the Association ‘Friends of Father Caffarel’ have a large number of members not only to show just how much importance Father Cafferel has in our lives, but also so that we can pray for and be associated with the procedure underway for his canonisation.

    Father Caffarel has a major place in our lives through the teachings he left us, through the way he guided us towards a life of prayer and through the sacrament of marriage that he sought to help us understand and experience better.

For the above reasons, we ask you to join us and become a member of the Association.

In order to join, you merely need to send the following coupon completed and signed either via email or by post.  Subsequently, you will be associated with the cause for canonisation and will receive the various bulletins that we issue regularly.

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To write to the association by Email (click here)

To write to the Postulator by Email (click here)
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