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Henri Caffarel - Works full of life.


  • The Teams of Our Lady : founded in  1939, they now number 100 000  couples, spread over 70 countries,
  • Our Lady’s Fraternities of the Resurrection: founded in 1943, has 200 members.
  • Hope and Life: the spiritual movement for widows.
  • The Intercessors: who pray, fast and offer up their daily life.
  • The Fraternities of Joseph and Marie: a Movement of spiritual deepening for couples.

Father Henri Caffarel also played a part in setting up the Centres of Preparation for Marriage, with the help of Father Pierre Joly  and Father d’Heilly.

The House of Prayer at Troussures. This Centre was invaluable for those who wanted to learn to pray. Its work is being continued as a result of proposals made by the Teams of Our Lady to the House of the Couple, Massabielle ( at Saint-Prix, Val d’Oise), and also very particularly by the importance given to contemplative prayer in the Teams and in the schools of prayer.

 It is worth noting how up to date are Father Caffarel’s published works : his writing in the reviews : "The Wedding Ring", "Offertory", "Notes on Contemplative Prayer"…and his numerous books:  Being present to God,  At the crossroads of love……, etc.


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